EFE Infographic Entrepreneurship

EFE's entrepreneurship program prepares young people for self-employment and imparts skills needed to start small new businesses, as well as links youth to financing, mentoring and other services. EFE launched its entrepreneurship pilot training in 2011, as a complimentary pathway to economic inclusion for youth in the Middle East and North Africa.


The EFE Network first piloted entrepreneurship programming in 2011 in Jordan. Since then, EFE’s Jordanian affiliate JCEF has continued to provide entrepreneurship training and follow-up support to aspiring entrepreneurs.  The JCEF Entrepreneurship Program delivers the Intel® Learn entrepreneurship curriculum in combination with EFE’s flagship Workplace Success soft skills training program, which teaches participants key job skills also relevant to young entrepreneurs such as interpersonal communication, leadership, teamwork, goal setting, and time management. Participants conduct feasibility studies to test the viability of their ideas and are linked to microfinance institutions and follow-up support.



In 2012, Palestine EFE (PEFE) launched the Bader youth entrepreneurship program. Working in partnership with Intel and with funding from the U.S. Department of State, PEFE delivers a locally-relevant adaptation of the Intel®Learn Technology and Entrepreneurship to aspiring entrepreneurs, along with EFE’s flagship Workplace Success soft skills and Business English training.

At the completion of their training, participants present their business plans before a panel of judges from Palestine's business community.  Those with viable ideas for new businesses compete for over $2 million in startup support from the Rawabi Foundation and the Siraj Fund Management Company. Graduates who do not succeed in presenting a viable business plan to potential funders receive job-placement support as part of the ongoing assistance provided to PEFE alumni.



In 2013, EFE-Tunisie launched ideation training for in-school youth in partnership with Intel, and youth entrepreneurship training for university graduates in partnership with Microsoft.


In May 2012, EFE and its partners launched the Maghreb Startup Initiative, the first program of its kind to support entrepreneurship and innovation in the Maghreb (Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco).  The Maghreb Startup Initiative ran boot camps, organized competitions that reach the interior regions, and rewarded innovative projects in each Maghreb country in the fields of biotechnology, green technology, and information and communication technology (ICT).

Bringing together incubators and business angels from across the entrepreneurship ecosystem, Maghreb Startup provided training, mentoring and cash prizes totaling over $94,000 to aspiring entrepreneurs.  The competition was implemented through Partnership for a New Beginning-North African Partnership for Economic Opportunities (PNB-NAPEO) with support from local and international partners and sponsors including Abraaj Capital, Intel, Gust Angelsoft, Wamda and the Atlantic Council.

You can learn more about the Maghreb Startup Initiative here.