EFE Infographic Job Placement

The Job Placement Training Program is our core model of training, targeted toward unemployed university graduates and high school diploma holders. The program provides students with the professional and vocational skills that are in demand by employers in the region, and places students in jobs upon graduation.

Wide-ranging local networks, targeted research, and boards of directors that include influential business leaders enable EFE affiliates to develop an accurate understanding of the local labor needs. We establish relationships with businesses ranging from SME’s to multinational corporations in order to identify the skills important to employers and secure job commitments prior to training, when possible.

Through partnerships with world-class universities and education experts, EFE develops training programs that cater to the needs of employers and the demands of the labor market. When students graduate, we work to place them in jobs with local companies.

EFE has placed graduates in a wide range of professions, including construction management, HVAC installation and repair, ICT, teaching, banking, and e-commerce.