It is what happened after university that led me to dedicate myself to social innovation, specifically helping unemployed Moroccan youth. I hope I can convince other young people to make the same decision.

The moment Layla graduated from university in Morocco, she thought her biggest challenge was over. After all, she was one of the few girls in her family to have gone as far as getting a Masters Degree. Full of excitement, she sent out her resume and waited for the job offers to pour in. But they didn’t. “Even with my degree, I started collecting "no’s" and sometimes no responses atall. This situation had negative effects on my personality and especially on my self-confidence. I started doubting myself, my university choices and my ability to work and achieve my aims. What surprised me was that it wasn’t just my case; my friends and classmates were facing the same challenges.” To improve her situation, Layla took a job-training course at Education For Employment in Morocco (EFE-Morocco) that led to an internship, and later, to a job as Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. Little did she know that interning would become a life-changing experience that would make her discover a real and deep passion for the social sector. Her commitment to improving the future for other young Moroccans brought her to New York City to share the stage and her story with President Bill Clinton, and today she is a rising star in Morocco's civil society sector. You can read more from Layla here:

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