“I was always at home being passive; JEFE and UNDP not only helped me overcome my fear of working, but also provided me with a working experience that I hope to further develop."

Can you create a livelihood making handicrafts with only one working hand? 26-year-old Jordanian Sanaa Ghazi has. It just didn’t happen overnight. Obstacles were never scarce in Sanaa’s life. Trying to overcome a long history of unemployment in Al Mafraq, Jordan, with an ill father was already hard enough. But then she lost mobility in her hand. And along with it she began losing new job opportunities, and most importantly, hope. However, when she heard about the EFE-Jordan and UNDP training through a friend, Sanaa was determined to make a change. The program's soft skills training allowed Sanaa to overcome her insecurities and realize that her circumstances do not exclude her from pursuing a career. A second training component in handicrafts for income generation allowed her to achieve what many thought would be impossible. At her father’s suggestion, Sanaa learned to use her foot in place of her broken hand. By the end of the training, she had surpassed her peers in technical skill development. Sanaa continues developing her skills in order to earn money through crafting and selling hand-made crochet, needlework, and embroidery pieces — with hopes to eventually take her products to Amman. Now that's what we call a success story.

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