Skills for the Future with HSBC

This year, Education For Employment concluded a 3-year partnership with HSBC in 2019 to implement the “Skills for the Future” program in the UAE. Its aim was to train youth on work future skills but keep an entrepreneurial mindset and engage with their external environment to create opportunities for themselves.

Over the course of three years, EFE delivered 12 cohorts in partnership with different universities across the UAE, such as Zayed University and Higher Colleges of Technology, and in partnership with Government Human Resources Departments across the northern emirates.

Over 250 youths graduated from the program, exceeding the original target of 175 youth. Each training consisted of 47 hours covering soft and entrepreneurial skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, understanding customer needs, innovation, and more.

All participants were offered one-on-one sessions to revise their CVs before heading to the job market and applying for jobs. They also were offered LinkedIn profile sessions provided by the LinkedIn team in Dubai. Also, 18 youths joined a six-months mentorship program with HSBC voluntary mentors. Youths learned different skills through the mentors’ comprehensive experience, including guidance on their career path.