Crescent Petroleum donates $100,000 that enables EFE to reach our $1.8 million Catalyst Fund goal

We are pleased to announce that Crescent Petroleum (CP) generously donated $US 100,000 to EFE's Catalyst Fund. This visionary award enabled EFE to reach our Catalyst Fund's $US 1.8 million goal. This is the first fund of its kind at EFE and is a key milestone in EFE’s journey to scale with quality, innovation, and impact.

Mr. Badr Jafar, President of Crescent Petroleum & CEO of Crescent Enterprises, comments: "EFE’s mission to provide opportunities for youth across MENA to gain valuable skills linked to tangible jobs, preparing them to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace, is both crucial and urgent. We are grateful for EFE’s continued efforts in this regard, and will continue to do our part towards the realisation of these goals."

CP’s gift will support EFE's 2025 Strategy by continuing EFE’s digital transformation and increasing the visibility of EFE and youth success stories. In addition, CP’s gift will help EFE in Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine reach 6,175 youth through skills training, career direction, and job placements.

Crescent Petroleum is the oldest and largest private upstream oil and gas company in the Middle East. In addition to responding to the energy needs of the communities it serves, Crescent Petroleum is committed to raising their standards of living by improving healthcare access, promoting business events and organizational dialogue and supporting various educational programs.

We express our deep gratitude to Crescent Petroleum, Badr Jafar, and all of our Catalyst Fund donors and Board member contributors for this historic milestone. The Catalyst Fund will help EFE double our impact by 2025 by creating online training programs to meet emerging job market needs in the wake of COVID, building a unified technology platform for our operations, accelerating employer and partner outreach, enhancing communications, and creating a scalable toolkit in response to strong demand for EFE’s model throughout the region, Africa and beyond.