Bank of America has Awarded a $60,000 Grant to EFE in January to Support Two Important Projects

With a generous grant contribution from Bank of America, EFE will move forward with two significant projects that include the continuous career development of university youth through competencies and digital skills training, and the learning and development of the EFE's staff across the MENA region and the world.

At EFE we remain committed to our mission of reducing the youth unemployment rate across the Middle East and North Africa and upholding our core values of empowering youth potential, earning trust, and creating change. One of the ways we do this is to challenge ourselves to find innovative solutions to address youth employment - particularly during times of hardship. Today we find ourselves with a unprecedented opportunity to further our organization's purpose through innovation and digital resources. To keep the learning and staff capacity building, EFE will launch the EFE Learning Initiative to support the ongoing development of staff skills and capacity to serve youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The below proposed new framework reflects our commitment to our mission and core values:

  • Skills For Success
  • Staff Development and Learning
  • Leverage internal expertise
  • Leverage existing/available online resources
  • Leverage external expertise

EFE has been working with our university partners to provide Emplea+ online training remotely. So far, and only in March, 430 students were registered on online training, and 80 of them have started their training and completed at least one course. The new shift towards online trainings has offered an excellent opportunity even to achieve higher numbers and to engage youth with skills development during the Stay at Home order.

The new proposed Learning Initiative will utilize the 2020 grant awarded by Bank of America to achieve the KPls committed by EFE, and empower staff who are working with the most vulnerable communities to address the disruption in education.

In order to achieve this, the initiative will focus on three key levers of change and will culminate in a virtual EFE Summit in which staff share learnings and unify around EFE's 2025 Strategy. The three key levers are:

Content will be curated to advance key areas of EFE's 2025 Strategy and will be organized through a biweekly learning schedule shared with staff via EFE's internal collaboration portal on the Workplace platform.

EFE will also utilize the expertise and knowledge of Bank of America staff in the UAE, or the social impact team in London, to deliver training sessions in the field of their expertise. The EFE Learning team will coordinate with the Bank of America staff engagement and volunteering unit to select the topics and coordinate the timing and method of delivery.