Barrons Highlights EFE Founder & Chair Ron Bruder in “The Philanthropic Defense”

Barrons’ Penta column recently featured EFE and its founder Ron Bruder in an article focusing on the Tiger 21 investment group and the value of peer review in shaping strategic, high-performance philanthropy.

Using EFE as an example, the article outlines the unique advantage of Tiger 21’s “Philanthropic Defense.” America’s premiere peer-to-peer learning network for high net worth investors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, inventors and top executives, through a “Philanthropic Defenses,” Tiger 21 members present in-depth reviews of their philanthropic endeavors to an audience of their peers. The setup enables members to share best practices they have learned, compare charitable strategies, and apply their entrepreneurial energy and business insights to philanthropy.

Barrons pointed to the business-minded model that Ron adopted in forming EFE as an example of the value of the “Philanthropic Defense,” which informed Bruder’s decision to “think about it like a business” and put in place metrics to carefully monitor impact.

The article can be found in its entirety here.