Businessweek Middle East Highlights EFE Perspective on Technology and Gender in MENA’s Workforce

In its May 2016, issue, Bloomberg Businessweek Middle East draws on EFE’s expertise in workforce development in its cover article “Technology and Demographic Pressures are set to transform the Gulf Workplace. What’s there to be afraid of?” discussing how technology will revolutionize the way the labor market functions. Jamie McAuliffe, CEO of EFE, claimed that this would be a “boost for women’s economic opportunity.” A survey featured in this issue, conducted by EFE,, and YouGov, identified the lack of suitable transportation and inconvenient working hours as two of the top barriers for women’s participation in the job market. McAuliffe states based on the results of the survey, the ability to work from home with flexible hours could be a decisive factor in encouraging women to enter the job market. To read full article, press here. To read EFE’s underlying research on barriers and enablers of women’s employment, click here.