EFE, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) and The MasterCard Foundation Highlight the Power of Partnerships for Arab Youth Employment at the 2013 Concordia Summit

On September 27th, EFE Founder and Chair Ron Bruder took the stage at the 2013 Concordia Summit in New York City to discuss the importance of partnerships for youth employment alongside leading EFE partners Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) and The MasterCard Foundation, represented by Vice President of ICT & Digital Business Nafez Husseini and Director of Youth Learning Deepali Khanna, respectively.

EFE was honored to be one of two nonprofits whose work building multisector partnerships to address complex global issues was featured in a “Partnership Highlight” during the opening of the Concordia Summit.

During the “Partnership Highlight,” CCC’s Nafez Husseini described its role as EFE’s first-ever employer partner. Having hired EFE graduates in Palestine, Jordan, Yemen and Tunisia, Nafez discussed the impact that the young, “ready to work” talent created for CCC’s operations. Deepali Khanna explained why The MasterCard Foundation chose to support youth employment in Morocco through a $3.15 million partnership with EFE to reach 15,000 disadvantaged Moroccan youth. She discussed ways in which the partnership with EFE helped to inform The MasterCard Foundation’s model for supporting youth employment.

The 2013 event was the third annual Concordia Summit, which convened over 475 world leaders, business executives and members of civil society from dozens of countries to discuss progress and opportunities in the field of Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP). This year’s theme centered on youth unemployment and youth entrepreneurship opportunities.