EFE-Egypt Partners with Visa Foundation to Support Women in Business

In collaboration with Visa Foundation, Education for Employment- EFE implemented “Women in Business” project that supports the economic empowerment of young Egyptian women. This project targets young graduates, graduating students, and aspiring entrepreneurs and supports them to take the first steps toward a job. It offers Job Training & Placement and Entrepreneurship courses to prepare young women for success in the workplace, employability skills training to equip them with the skills they need to find their first jobs, and provide them with knowledge needed to become self-employed and start a business in an in-demand field. The partnership is part of Visa Foundation’s Equitable Access Initiative, a strategic commitment addressing longer-term needs of SMBs, with an emphasis on fostering women’s economic advancement. EFE through its affiliate in Egypt worked to create inclusive economic growth by providing the young Egyptian women employment through job placement and entrepreneurship training.

More than 168 young Egyptian women were supported through this project, exceeding the initial goal. The project has built a solid reputation and strong traction as young women continue to reach out to EFE to learn about the project.

“I was lucky to join EFE’s training program. The training gave me an opportunity to learn and to find a job. I am determined to reach my goal”, a statement by a graduate who participated in the graduation event titled “Economically Empowering Egyptian Young Women."

The graduation event hosted by EFE, with key note speakers from Visa Egypt and EFE-Egypt Board members, witnessed the presence of a large number of employer partners, SMBs, and Visa program graduates. The event included a panel discussion with business owners of small and micro business companies about the opportunities and challenges they face to find talent and the skills they search for while recruiting young women at their companies. EFE-Employer partners shared their positive experiences with EFE-Egypt in hiring visa program graduates.