EFE-Jordan and UN Women: Building the Capacity of Women with Technical and Entrepreneurial Skills

In partnership with EFE-Jordan, UN Women launched the project “Building the Capacity of Women with Technical and Entrepreneurial Skills,” providing 800 Jordanian and Syrian refugee women with access to quality technical and life skills as entrepreneurship training sessions. The project focused on increasing youth’s economic security through job training and placement or home-based business initiatives.

Beneficiaries under this project were unemployed Jordanian and Syrian women between the ages of 18-40 from vulnerable socioeconomic backgrounds. The projects surpassed initial objectives and 822 women benefited from its various programs.

Of 198 women trained under the job placement training track, 124 were successfully placed in gainful jobs. 624 women graduated from the self-employment track; 536 from urban areas and 88 Syrian women graduated from the Zaatari and Azraq camps.

This is the first time that EFE-Jordan implements training courses inside refugee camps- after receiving the necessary permits to enter and deliver training during the program duration. The women inside the camps were thrilled about the opportunity. Due to a large number of applicants, EFE-Jordan enrolled an additional 10% of the planned target of (80) women, resulting in 88 women graduating in the refugee camps.

During the training, participants were highly engaged with the trainer and showed their willingness to learn new skills to improve their livelihoods. This further confirms the importance of conducting training in areas that do not have access to learning resources otherwise.