EFE-Jordan: Heart of Amman 3

As part of the Heart of Amman 3 program, community-led initiatives have begun in a number of areas along the Hejaz Railway stations.

Some of the implemented initiatives include: cleaning the railway tracks and planting their edges, renovating and reusing abandoned train carts as kiosks, planting and greening public spaces, establishing playgrounds and recreational areas for the local community, and the Souvenir Making initiative, in which a number of participants created designs, which they painted on glass and printed on fabrics to make souvenirs for display in rehabilitated old carts at different stations including the city's main station and Al Jeezah station. Participants acquired the needed skills in the fields of carpentry, blacksmithing, agriculture and painting.
The Heart of Amman 3 program aims to strengthen post-COVID-19 resilience and social cohesion among vulnerable groups, as well as empower local communities and enhance tourism through revitalizing local neighborhoods and creating economic opportunities along the Hejaz Railway corridor.

Heart of Amman 3
is implemented by UNDP Jordan , in partnership with Jordan Hejaz RailWay مؤسسة الخط الحديدي الحجازي الاردني and امانة عمان الكبرى Greater Amman Municipality, in collaboration with EFE-Jordan التعليم لأجل التوظيف الأردنية and LOYAC Jordan, and National Microfinance Bank - البنك الوطني لتمويل المشاريع الصغيرة, and generously funded by the Government of Japan.