EFE-Jordan: Retail Sales Training Program

Supported by Boeing, EFE-Jordan has implemented the Retail Sales training program at the Makarem Academy in Aqaba.​ After the training ended, certificates were distributed and a job fair was held for the participants of the training program, connecting them with job opportunities in the private sector. EFE-Jordan, in partnership with Boeing, launched the Jordanian Employment Project to address youth unemployment and poverty by delivering demand-driven training programs for 20 Jordanian youth living in Amman and Aqaba. EFE-Jordan targeted youth ages 18-30 who have been unemployed for at least three months and exhibit socioeconomic needs, measured by monthly household income, number of family members in the household, and the area of residence.

By identifying sectors with high demand in the current market, EFE-Jordan has focused on sourcing youth from impoverished neighborhoods to participate in programming.

The projects aim to alleviate poverty in Jordan by empowering youth and creating economic opportunities for them and their families. The youth will be provided with the skills needed to start and build careers in a high-demand sector, which will help them create better futures for themselves and their communities.