EFE-Maroc Alumni Learn How to Make Short Films with Bent Marble

EFE-Maroc in collaboration with Steve Clack, founder of Bent Marble, hosted a two-week workshop on filmmaking and production. With expert guidance on the basics of videography and editing, EFE alumni got the opportunity to make their own short documentary films. The final products show off their hidden talents by capturing the issues that matter to their lives, with a focus on the employment journey that they or other young Moroccans have pursued.

Steve Clack is an American director and the Founder of Bent Marble, an organization that provides free documentary filmmaking workshops to youth around the world. Through the workshop, Clack shared his passion for storytelling, and he encouraged the participants to tell their stories with whatever resources they have. The alumni workshop is one of many initiatives that EFE offers to its alumni to support them in continuing to learn new skills that will bring them a step closer to employment or enable them to advance further in their careers.