EFE-Maroc's Second Virtual Job Fair

EFE-Maroc hosted a second edition of its Virtual Job Fair held on February 22 and 23, 2023. The event is in line with EFE-Maroc's vision, which is based on promoting the employability of young people and maximizing their chances of successfully integrating the labor market.

Over one thousand youth registered for the virtual job fair. It included six webinars which were attended by 460 youths. 45 employer partners participated in the event, covering different regions of Morocco, and representing various sectors, such as offshoring, IT, Retail, Health, logistics, and transport. With over 400 interview requests and more than 200 job interviews successfully completed, EFE-Maroc's second Virtual Job Fair exceeded expectations.

Along with the main event, several conferences were organized on the sidelines around job search techniques and preparation for job interviews.

Many thanks to Silatech, Accenture España, Dell Technologies and Gates Foundation, and Anapec for supporting this initiative.