EFE's Impact Films

This has been EFE’s most ambitious film project to date. While we have amazing success story videos, we didn’t have more comprehensive films conveying our mission across the Network. It took 18 months to raise the funds and sign the contract with one of our sponsors, MBC. Then we launched an extensive search for a regional filmmaker, another 4-month process.

Then we began filming in 10 countries. The journey took longer than expected when Covid hit the world, and things got complicated! We couldn’t travel anymore, we had to pivot to local filmmakers and search for the right alumni & shoot locations and worked very closely with our Affiliates, and all this with a minimal production budget.

In two years, we managed to shoot 7200 minutes of footage and narrowed it down to create four comprehensive films that we are incredibly proud about. Please view the films on our Youtube channel, listed here.