Katherine Parr's visit to EFE-Jordan

EFE-Global Advisory Council Member, Katherine Parr traveled to Irbid earlier this year to speak with trainees participating in EFE-Jordan's Female Micro-Entrepreneurship program. This is one of many programs EFE is implementing to support female workforce participation by providing customized training on soft skills, entrepreneurship, and marketing to 600 Jordanian and Syrian women. Katherine connected with the trainees 1:1 about their enterprises and shared her experience starting two successful businesses, as well as, her value of the global sisterhood of women supporting each other.

"What a pleasure it is to be a part of EFE's impactful work in a tangible way. The warm hospitality I received from the EFE leaders and young female students in May inspired me to circle back and launch a pilot program to enhance existing work. I believe we can find outsize success of this program that can be replicated in Jordan or other countries in the region, to empower youth to grow and have impact in their families and communities." - Katherine Parr

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