Meet Nadine & Suhad: EFE- Palestine

Nadine majored at Birzeit University in Computer Engineering. She had always heard about the trainings EFE-Palestine does from her friend who works there, but never got the chance to enroll at any that was related to her major. When she heard about the Virtual Jobs training EFE-Palestine was implementing, she enrolled on the first occasion. She learnt a lot, especially from the training's soft skills part, including how to work within a team, how to communicate within it, and how to write a good CV. By the time she finished this first part of the training, her CV was ready. Soon enough she found an internship within her major at Creative Technology Solutions (CTS).

Suhad started her business in Gaza due to the pervasive lack of jobs in the region. She started with three employees working in embroidery. Her contributions were on and off since Suhad, as well as her colleagues, were receiving treatment for breast cancer. She applied for different trainings because she felt that this was essential to enlarge her business. In her EFE training, Suhad learnt many fundamental skills needed in her administrative position such as leadership, time management, team work, and communication. From here, her business started to expand and nowadays has around 45 employees, women and men. She strives to hire those who are in need and are facing breast cancer too. Nowadays, her successful business ships worldwide. Her achievements were recognized when she recently earned a prize at a MENA-wide entrepreneurship contest.