The Future Is Now Reception

Last month, two of our inspiring EFE alumni, Faycal Laaroussi (EFE-Maroc Graduate) and Ala’ AlSallal (EFE-Jordan Graduate) joined us in person at our "The Future is Now" reception in New York City.

Ron Bruder (EFE Founder and Chair), Jasmine Nahhas di Florio (EFE Senior Advisor), and Zebradedra Hunter (Citi Foundation) spoke alongside Faycal & Ala about the challenges youth in the MENA region are facing and how EFE creates opportunities for youth in MENA.

The conversation covered everything from why our organizations should care about the youth unemployment crisis to what EFE is doing to create opportunities for youth in the region.

Watch the full conversation moderated by EFE-Global Advisory Council Member Kevin Matossian: