2021 Progress in UAE

Mentorship Program with Western Union Foundation

EFE and Western Union Foundation collaborated to create a mentorship program in which WU employees mentored youth from the MENA region. Participants heard from experienced mentors to prepare them to make the most of the program. Over four months, 17 WU mentors from nine countries met virtually with EFE mentees from five countries. Mentors and mentees enjoyed and benefited from the experience. In July 2021, participants met via Zoom to reflect on the program.

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The Human Resource Department in Ajman and EFE agreed on cooperating in preparing the Emirati youth for the job market.

Ajman Human Resources Department signed an MoU with EFE in consideration of the common interest to contribute to the development and employment of job seekers in the Emirate, stemming from their belief in the importance of cooperation to support Emiratization efforts in various sectors. This cooperation will contribute to the development and employment of job seekers and promote the integration of citizens into the Job market. To contribute to developing capabilities, skills, and competencies for job seekers and new employees through training programs.

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Work Readiness Skills with HSBC

Work Readiness Skills program in partnership with Zayed University Alumni team has been delivered to more than 75 alumni who were equipped with skills that will fill the gap between the job market and the job seekers with the support of HSBC.