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I am very happy to have found a job after all of my education and country has a high percentage of unemployment; therefore, I consider myself very lucky and grateful to be a part of a healthcare organization.

Meet Salsabeel

Salsabeel first became interested in the healthcare field when she sat with her mother as she underwent an operation. Upon seeing how carefully the nurses and other healthcare personnel took care of the patients in the hospital, Salsabeel knew that she wanted to pursue that career path and contribute to society.

Supported by both her friends and family, Salsabeel embarked on her academic journey in order to study for her medical exams, and then joined an EFE-Palestine training course. The course taught Salsabeel a wide variety of skills and learning activities such as how to write a professional CV and provided her with Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) courses, which were required for employment and improved her ability to deal with emergency situations.

With these skills in hand, which Salsabeel notes would have been too expensive to learn on her own, she soon found employment. Upon finishing her nursing training program with EFE-Palestine, Salsabeel secured an internship at Al-Ahli hospital before gaining employment. Salsabeel believes her hard work and training at EFE helped put her at a significant advantage over her colleagues, and, because Palestine has such a high rate of unemployment, considers herself lucky and grateful to be part of a healthcare organization. Now, Salsabeel works to train nurses like herself and suggests that any youth who is interested in health issues not hesitate to start their journey to employment!

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