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Emergency Support For Gaza

The EFE Network began its first programs in Gaza in 2006. With a dedicated team on the ground, we've supported nearly 9000 graduates over the years. EFE is committed to staying in Gaza for the long term. During this time of crisis, our work continues.

Now is a time of critical need.

Help us be a lifeline for women in labor, wounded civilians, and families traumatized by conflict in Gaza.

Trains a full class of 20 people with Emergency Midwifery skills.
Trains a full class of 20 people with Emergency First Aid and Psychosocial Support skills.
Provides a Medicine Kit including adrenaline, inhalers, painkillers & more.
Provides an Emergency Bag including syringes, cannulas, scalpels & more.
Provides an Infection Prevention Kit including  sterile gauze, iodine, masks, sanitizer & more.
Provides a Hygiene Kit for displaced family or a Recreational Kit for a displaced child.
Support Our Efforts Today
100% of proceeds go directly to efforts on the ground.

How we are helping today:

Our team members in Gaza are working alongside our partners on the ground to ensure those who need immediate care find support.
Emergency Health Training

We are training men and women in emergency midwifery, emergency first aid, and psychosocial first aid in partnership with Juzoor Health and Social Development. Trainees will serve between 5-7 shelters where around 17,000 displaced people are in need of urgent and emergency care.

Emergency Food Distribution  

We are actively mobilizing our network of graduates to help with food distribution with World Central Kitchen. As aid is allowed to enter Gaza, our roster of alumni stands prepared to support relief organizations by taking on roles including cooks, drivers and local procurement specialists.

About Our Work In Palestine:

Education For Employment delivered its first Job Training and Placement program to unemployed youth in Gaza in 2006.

Since then, EFE established itself as the leading network of locally-run nonprofit organizations that provide young people in the Middle East and North Africa with the tools to start a job, build their futures, and give back to their communities.

Today, EFE-Palestine operates in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem, where it provides demand-driven training to youth with limited opportunities, and offers startup support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

EFE-Palestine has supported over 25,000 young men and women enter the world of work, 8,728 of who are in Gaza.

During this time of crisis, we remain in contact with our team on the ground, who have shared that conditions continue to be extremely difficult.

Support our efforts to assist those in dire need.

Your generosity can bring hope and relief to people in Gaza facing overwhelming challenges.

Support Our Efforts Today
100% of proceeds go directly to efforts on the ground.