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Our Impact

EFE's graduates become bankers, coders, engineers, nurses, entrepreneurs, and find work in retail, hospitality, food and beverage, and more.

EFE promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all in line with Goal 8 of the UN SDGs.

We are a data-driven organization and believe success should be measurable. Explore our impact across each EFE Affiliate through our interactive quarterly data dashboard.

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Alumni Stories

Chef's Assistant
Zarqa, Jordan

At only 15 years old, Mohammad was forced to confront the terror of war and flee from Syria to Zarqa-Jordan with his family of six. Now he is a chef assistant at a high-end restaurant in Amman and pursuing a bachelor's degree in Media and Journalism.

Casablanca, Morocco

Even with her Master's degree in engineering, Zineb had been looking for a job in Morocco for a year and a half. Then she found out about EFE's JobInTech training and got a second chance at life.

Amman, Jordan

Two years ago, Omar was struggling to find a job. Now, he is a chef at the Four Seasons, one of the world's top hotels.

Sales Associate
Amman, Jordan

Abeer and her siblings were raised by a single mom after their father passed away. Now, Abeer can finally support her, and she dreams of supporting the next generation of women microenterpreneurs as an EFE graduate.

Tunis, Tunisia

Ali enrolled in EFE-Tunisie's "How To Build Your Business” program to hone the critical skills needed to successfully run a business and receive support to bring his dream into reality. Now his business Auto Sans Risque is helping people across Tunisia confidently buy and sell their cars.

Housekeeping Coordinator
Amman, Jordan

Sandy overcame the stigma of the service industry to land a job at one of the world's top hotels. Now, she's encouraging other young women to pursue their dreams.

Software Engineer
Casablanca, Morocco

Issam spent four years looking for work despite having degrees in Applied Mathematics, Logistic and Transportation Engineering, and Mechatronics Manufacturing. Then he found EFE-Maroc.

Amman, Jordan

Ensaf comes from a small town with few employment opportunities, and had almost given up hope when she enrolled in our training program. The job EFE linked her to in garment manufacturing transformed her outlook on life.

Customer Rep
Cairo, Egypt

Mohammed spent three years looking for a job. Thanks to EFE-Egypt, he gained the skills he needed to land a job working in the renewable energy sector.

Interior Designer
Ramallah, Palestine

Alqam finished his Diploma in Architecture but felt he was lacking skills needed to gain employment. Then he faced additional challenges. He lost his leg in an accident in 2014. This did not stop him. He decided not to give up and to continue his dream and registered in Life Readiness Training.

Civil Engineer
Nablus, Palestine

Malak faced two years of unemployment before finding her first job. Now, she is a civil engineer helping Palestinians get the water they need to live.

Fashion Designer
Cairo, Egypt

From Threads to Dreams: Nada's Fashion Entrepreneurship Journey

Ramallah, Palestine

The driving force behind Palestine's first and leading digital marketing company

Jenin, Palestine

People told Hazar that it was not appropriate for her to become a nurse. When they became her patients, they changed their minds. Now, she's on the frontlines fighting the pandemic and inspiring a generation of women nurses in Palestine.

Tunis, Tunisia

After attending EFE's Build your Business Program, Samia took her talents to the next level learning how to develop her business, Architect with Artisan. With thousands of followers Samia is a successful designer selling accessories internationally.

Bechar, Algeria

Roua's transformational journey, fueled by EFE's support, turned the Algerian desert into a canvas for sustainable success. Through Aquayate, she embodies the potential of education and innovation to create lasting change in challenging landscapes.

Business Analyst
Casablanca, Morocco

From a job search struggle to Project Manager & Business Analyst at the University of Ottawa—Faycal's journey epitomizes EFE's transformative impact on careers.

Oil Rig Technician
Cairo, Egypt

Aya Ahmed overcame the criticism in her community to become one of the only woman oil rig technicians in Egypt.

Social Entrepreneur

Discover how Amina's transformed adversity into innovation, founding a social enterprise that turns recycled plastic into sustainable building materials. Her story highlights the power of education, entrepreneurship, and determination to drive positive change in Yemen's landscape.

Amman, Jordan

EFE-Jordan fueled Ala's entrepreneurial journey—its training polished his soft skills to complement his business acumen. Leading initiatives like 'Harry Potter' translations, Ala soared to establish Jamalon, MENA's largest online bookstore, and now steers Madfooatcom to fintech prominence.

Clinical Research Associate
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Lujain, a Health Sciences graduate, transformed her career prospects with Workplace Success Training, funded by JP Morgan and provided by EFE. She gained essential skills and confidence to excel in her professional journey.

Freelance Trainer
Amman, Jordan

Heba is a graduate of the “Finding a Job is a Job” training program and is now working as a freelancing trainer as she gives training courses in Quality Management, Food Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice

Customer Rep
Amman, Jordan

Laith is in his 4th year studying Business Information Technology at Princess Sumaiya University. Thanks to "Finding a Job is a Job" he learned the soft skills he needed to find a job.

Sales Rep
Gaza, Palestine

Fhaid struggled to find a job to support himself and his family after his father fell ill. After finishing EFE's training, he was hired as a Sales Representative and is proud to be a big support to his family.

Call Agent
Jenin, Palestine

Osama in Jenin, Palestine struggled to find employment due to the lack of job opportunities. Then he found EFE-Palestine.

Sales Associate
Cairo, Egypt

Ahmed struggled to communicate in interviews. After training with EFE, he landed a job and can invest in his future.

Cairo, Egypt

Gehad turned unemployment into a career as a private banker with help from Education For Employment. Today she's a leading private banker in Dubai.

Nurse Instructor
Hebron, Palestine

Inspired by the nurses who helped her mother, Salsabeel persevered to gain the skills she needed for a career in healthcare.

Customer Rep
Tunis, Tunisia

After a year of unemployment, Wided found EFE. After graduating she walked away with more than a certificate: she walked away with a job.

Karak, Jordan

Majd was unemployed after graduating university. Through EFE'S Retail Sales Training she gained the skills needed to excel in her field and successfully gained employment.

Amman, Jordan

Iman spent 5 years looking for employment. Beyond learning how to effectively communicate in the workplace, EFE helped connect Iman to a job in the service industry.

Khan Yunis, Palestine

Anas enrolled in EFE's Virtual Jobs training when he struggled to find a job after graduating. The training gave him the skills and motivation to become a freelance translator. Now he plans to expand his business and employ other Gazans.

Business Owner
Amman, Jordan

Farah couldn't find any opportunities in Jordan. This training course allowed her to strengthen her English and computer skills. She has also learned how to start her own business.

Amman, Jordan

Elham, mother of three, always had a passion for making pastries and sweets, selling them upon orders. EFE's Food Processing training program taught her to new cooking techniques and her how to promote her dishes. Now she is acquiring the permits to start her own home-based kitchen.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

With only a high school degree, Hind struggled to find employment. Through EFE's Workplace Success Program Hind was able to take on the workforce and is proudly a team supervisor for Olayan.

Sales Associate
Amman, Jordan

After looking for employment for 2 years, Ibrahim took EFE's Retail Sales Training. Since gaining the technical and soft skills demanded by the labour market, Ibrahim got a job at one of the largest sweet shops in Jordan.

Radio Exec
Taiz, Yemen

Before attending EFE's Workplace Success program, Amani was afraid of dealing with people, now she is the youngest CEO of a radio station in Yemen.

PR Rep
Ramallah, Palestine

Rana was in the first class of Palestine graduates. Now over 10 years later, she’s built a career with the skills she gained.

Pharmacy Owner
Sana'a, Yemen

Abu spent a year after graduation looking for work. Now, Abu runs his own pharmacy where he can help others in his community get employed.

Karak, Jordan

After facing unemployment for 7 months due to refugee work restrictions, Hiba found EFE's Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with UN Women. Now Hiba runs an artisanal soap and wax studio and has hopes if expanding her business and helping other women in her community.

Customer Rep
Amman, Jordan

Hadeel graduated as a civil engineer but couldn't find employment. She participated in EFE's training to expand her knowledge in other fields and hone her softskills. After training, she attended EFE's Job Fair where she found employment.

Gaza, Palestine

Harnessing the Sun's Energy to Nourish Gaza: Hanadi's Inspiring Story with Solar Food

Gaza, Palestine

The Engineer turned Entrepreneur, Mohammed, turned waste into bricks with Eco Stones—a sustainable enterprise addressing local challenges through innovation.