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Our Network

Our network is made up of locally-run EFE Affiliates which train youth and link them to the world of work. We leverage local insight and programming experience with global resources and expertise. Linkages between EFE Affiliates create economies of scale and learning to accelerate youth employment solutions across the region.


One of the earliest affiliates of the EFE Network, EFE-Palestine's first graduates completed their training in Gaza in 2006. Today, EFE-Palestine operates in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, where it provides demand-driven training to youth with limited opportunity, and offers startup support to aspiring entrepreneurs. It is the first EFE Affiliate to pioneer training in online freelancing for youth from communities where physical barriers limit their ability to find employment.



See Live Quarterly Data
youth in Palestine have been connected to the world of work.
EFE-Palestine graduates are young women.
employers have hired EFE-Palestine alumni.


Customer Service
Garment and Retail
Finance and Economic
Health Care
Business Ideation
Business Resiliency
Gig Economy
Sales and Marketing
Finding a Job is Job
Life Skills Training