In partnership with Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA), the “Rebuilding Livelihoods” project aims to support 300 local entrepreneurs in Gaza whose businesses were impacted by the May 2021 hostilities. Rebuilding Livelihoods aims to allow local entrepreneurs to rebuild their businesses with consideration for future economic shocks and challenges. EFE-Global and EFE-Palestine provided at least 300 local entrepreneurs with business training and small recovery grants of up to USD $1,000. The selected entrepreneurs participated in a targeted 20-hour training, led by EFE-Palestine trainers, to address their specific business needs, with a special focus on business resiliency. Through this project, EFE supports both immediate livelihood needs and contributes to the strengthening of the private sector in the hopes of creating additional job opportunities in the future.

Since then, IRUSA has renewed their partnership with EFE and EFE-Palestine to implement, "Vitalization and Youth Empowerment in Gaza." The project will support 2,550 youth in Gaza. EFE will build on the success of the previous IRUSA-sponsored project, Improving the Livelihoods of Youth in Gaza, by advancing and delivering training in three programmatic areas: Job Training and Placement, Entrepreneurship, and Pathways to a Job programming for youth in Gaza. These training programs will be supplemented by robust internship, mentoring, and alumni activities. As a comprehensive project, the Vitalization & Youth Empowerment project will provide Gazan youth with multiple entry points to the labor market, along with sustained support to ensure their long-term success.