The second phase of the Work Paths Program was launched in the Governorate of Aden for 260 male and female students from Aden universities who are about to graduate, as part of the training activities for the project to build the future for Yemeni youth, implemented by EFE-Yemen, with the support of the Saudi Program for Development and Reconstruction of Yemen and Alwaleed Philanthropies, to enhance the trainees’ capabilities in job search skills that keep pace with the needs of the labor market.

The program comes in two phases as part of the activities of the “Building the Future for Yemeni Youth” project, which is implemented in the governorates of Aden, Abyan and Lahj. And other skills that are commensurate with the modern methods and methods of searching for work.

The "Building the Future for Yemeni Youth" program aims to help beneficiaries obtain decent job opportunities, train them on the best professional practices, and make them the ideal choice for employers in a manner that raises the efficiency of various sectors, in order to achieve a living and economic balance.

The program includes scientific topics and concepts that confront young people to the basic steps in the search for work and concepts that help them succeed after obtaining a job opportunity and make them more prepared to face challenges in their professional lives, in addition to that the program was designed according to recent studies of the labor market and based on the changes in job demands and according to recent requests and conditions for job vacancies to help young people prepare a unique and appropriate plan for their career by evaluating their skills and knowing how to refine and build them in line with the job opportunities they want to join. (Read the full article in Arabic here).

Watch the launch ceremony video here.