EFE Announces Shark Tank 2024 Winners

EFE is excited to share the results of Shark Tank 2024, a competition where teams from the MENA region and beyond developed solutions to support young people. Thanks to the Velaj Foundation's support, two projects received funding to turn their ideas into reality.

Winner: EFE -Yemen, Standardizing Psychosocial Support at EFE

The winning team, representing EFE-Yemen and EFE-Global, proposed a project to improve access to mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) services. This aligns with EFE's goal of providing high-quality youth employment programs and will ensure participants across the network have access to essential MHPSS resources.

Runner-Up: EFE-Jordan, Makarem Empowerment Incubation Hub

EFE-Jordan's "EFE-Velaj Makarem Empowerment Hub" came in second with its innovative approach to youth empowerment. This initiative will create a space for young people to develop personally and professionally, fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth.

EFE is grateful for the Velaj Foundation's support and the dedication of its teams. We're excited to see how these projects unfold and make a positive impact on young people in the MENA region.